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BR answers the most asked ????????? on bars in this video
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We now have two new how to videos on how to measure up your risers and spec out your new custom handlebars

BR shows you how to measure up your risers for your new bars to view this video

BR shows you how to spec out your bike and the rider (you) to  get the best fit and comfort for your new bars on your bike 
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We can NOT make our bars the have the curved/bent uprights (Sweeping Beaters, Bent Ape Beaters, etc...) with less than a 32" width (ring finger to ring finger).  32" is the minimum we can go.  Most of the bars need to be 34"-36".

The taller you go, the wider your bar needs to be.  A 16" tall bar should be 34"-36" in width. 

The photos you see on our site are what the bar will look like at the dimensions listed. 

Your bar will be set up for YOUR bike.  The bottom tube and riser step down (if applicable) will be built according to what YOUR bike needs.  The photos shown on the site may be for a different style motorcycle.

Please tell us of ANY changes you have made to your stock set up. 

Your bars will fit on any stock products.  We set your handle bars up for stock dimensions.  If you have made changes and have not told us, we are not liable for your bars not being correct.  Custom or aftermarket grips may cause fitment issues.  The bar is set up for stock specifications.

This is how we measure our custom bars to if your bike


                                                                                                                           RISERS SPACING
                                                                                             We will need the center to center of the risers
                                                                                                                           Harley:  3 1/2" ctc
                                                                                                                            VTX:   5 1/8"  ctc
                                                                                                                           Victory: 4 7/8' ctc
                                                                                             Also need the outside measurement of risers


                                                                                                                                APE HANGERS
                                                                               1) Hold stick in hands over bike where you want your bars to be.
                                                                                   Then measure from the stick down to the risers that will be your
                                                                                   height or rise.
                                                                               2) You still have the stick in your hands. How measure from your
                                                                                    ring finger to ring finger. That will be your width of your bars.
                                                                               3) Most of the apes we make have 5" of pull back in them .
                                                                               4) We will go over the bars with you to ensure the proper fit.


                                                                                                                                APES SIDE VIEW


                                                                                                      BARS THAT HAVE A LOT OF PULL BACK
                                                                                    1)  Chopper bars , Daggers , Z bars , V Bars,       ( NO APES )

                                                                                  1) Hold your stick over your bike where you want your hands
                                                                       to be when the bars are done and on your bike.
                                                                  2) We will need to know the rake of the triple tree and neck of
                                                                       your bike that the bars are going on.
                                                                  3) You will need help to measure up your bars .
                                                                  4) Put the end of your level at  a riser hole in your triple tree.
                                                                        The other end will be near you and your stick.
                                                                  5) How measure from the stick down to the bottom of the level.
                                                                        This will be the rise you will need in your new bars .
                                                                  6) How where you measured down to the level at that point
                                                                        measure to the riser hole. This will be the pull back in your bars .
                                                                  7) Measure from your ring finger to ring finger for the width of your bars.
                                                                  8) WE will go over the bars you to ensure the proper fit .

                                                                                 This wrist angle we will have to go over this is used for some bars 


                                                                  I WANT MY BARS ON YOUR BIKE
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