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We take all orders over the phone. EVERY bar we make is custom.  We do not carry any bars in stock.  You will speak to someone personally on the phone.  We have a lot of questions to go over with you.  We will take the time to go over any questions you may have.  We want to be able to provide you with a set of bars that are built just for you. 

Please visit our "Measuring new bar up" page to see how we measure our bars.  We measure our bars differently than other companies. 

To place an order for handlebars we will need the following information from you:

1) The year, make, and model of your motorcycle.

2)  The rise (height) you would like.

3)  The width (ring finger to ring finger) you would like.

4)  The pull back you would like.
5)  What size bar your risers accommodate. 
     *We need to know this so we know what to step the bottom tube down to if necessary.

6)  What finish you would like.  We offer raw steel, powder coating (Black-flat, satin, or gloss), or chrome.

7)  If you would like anything added to your bar.  For example: web gussets, four hole gussets.

8)  If you would like to order cables, we need to know if you bike has ABS. 
     *If you can also tell us the length of the current cable from the clutch housing to the riser (if applicable) and the brake      fluid reservoir to the riser, that is very helpful information. 

9)  If you are interested in any other accessories for your bars just let us know. Please let us check on pricing before we charge you for the accessories.  Sometimes pricing changes and we are unaware of it.  We may not have had a chance to update our website.  

10)  If you are ordering a drag type bar please have the rake of your bike.  If the handle bars will bolt right to your triple tree we want them to built correctly and be in line with the forks. 

If you are ordering engine guards we will need the following information:

1) The year, make and model of your motorcycle.

2) The finish you would like.  We offer raw steel, powder coating (Black-flat, satin, or gloss), or chrome.

We do not send hardware.  You can use your current (stock) hardware to mount the guards.  If you currently don't have bag guards, you will have to buy the appropriate mounting hardware.  We only manufacture the guards, no accessories. 

We take payment in full upon ordering.  We accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone.  We also work with Pay Pal. 

We prefer to not go over things with customers through email but we do understand that sometimes it is necessary.  If you would like a quote and can not reach us during our business hours please give us the requested information and where the bars will be shipped to so we can give you a correct quote. 

If you are an international customer or military serving overseas we are more than happy to work with you through email.  We do ship to APO addresses. 

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