BR's Custom Bars,LLC




Due to some recent issues that have been brought to my attention there is now a need for me to clarify some things:

       If we remake a customers custom bar to replace the first custom bars the customer is responsables for returning the first bars back to BRs Custom Bars or set up 
       how and when the bars will be returned . If the contact is not made in 30 day the second pair of bars will be bill out to you. If and when the bars are returned the                          customer will be reimbursed there money back for the returned bars .
       If you decide to cancel a bar order after the bars has been made and shipped out to you you own it sorry .
  • If you have altered your front end in any way you need to notify me.  If you do not notify me, then I am not liable for damages or improper fit of handle bars or guards. My designs are for stock measurements and stock accessories. 
  • I explain the measurements to every customer when the order is placed.  Before any bar leaves the shop the measurements are double checked and verified to match the order.
  • If you order cables and you provide me with the measurements you need, I am not liable if they do not fit.
  • Do not tear your bike apart until you receive your bars.  We run into problems sometimes.  I will not send a pair of bars out that are not up to my standards just to get them out the door.
  • If by some chance your bars are damaged in shipping, DO NOT dispose of the box or contents of the box.  If it is due to Fed Ex's error, they will need to schedule a time to inspect the package and contents for damage.  Please contact the office if your bars are damaged and I will work with you to resolve the issue. 
  • If you needed your bars to arrive to the shipping address quicker than Fed Ex Ground, you will be responsible to pay the difference before the bars leave the shop.  We do not over night or two day bars for customers under any circumstances. 

  • we do not guarantee powder coating or chrome plating  after one year from day of sale. 
    with in one year we will powder coat or work with the chrome shop to get the bars repaired 
    we do not pay to remove the bars or pay to install them sorry .

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