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Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time

BRs Custom Bars (BRs Custom Cycles, Inc.) is a custom handle bar and engine guard fabricating shop.  The bars you will see on this our website are some ideas of what we can do for you.  All bars are made to the customer's specifications and suggestions.  We do not specialize in mass production.  Our bars are all made on site.  We do not duplicate other company's bars.

When you call, if we don't answer, please leave a message.  We are a working shop.  There may be times when we are on the other line with a customer or in the shop and can't get to the phone.  Your call is very important to us and we will get back to you. 

When you call please have your year, make, and model of your motorcycle.  Please also let us know what style of handle bars you are interested in.  We also need you to go to our "Measuring Up New Bars" page.  Please let us know what Rise, Width, and Pull back you would like.   We measure our bars differently than other companies.  

Please call our office 716-679-1966 for a quote.   

I know that some customers will not be able to contact us on the phone during our business hours.  We prefer to not communicate with our customers via email but we understand that isn't always possible.  If you do email us, please be specific in the bars you are interested in, what motorcycle you have, what finish you would like, and what state the bars will be shipped too. 

In some cases where email becomes difficult to communicate, then we will set up a time to speak with you on the phone.

 If you are an international customer please use the email to correspond with us.                 

Please give us 48 hours to respond to messages and emails. 

Shipping - We ship UPS, Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Home Delivery to the States and we use USPS to ship internationally.  If you need your bars quicker than our standard shipping you must pay the difference before the bars leave our shop. 

We are extremely busy.  Please understand that we do our best to get your bars out by the time frame we give you when you place your order.  Every bar is made custom.  It takes time.  You are ordering a high quality handle bar and we will not send a bar out that is not to our standards just to meet the time frame. 

Frequently Asked Questions
I have been receiving a lot of questions via email.  I have tried to make a list up of the most common ones. 

The bar I was looking at has a 10" rise.  Can I change that to 9"? 
Yes.  Every bar is made to order.  The specifications listed under each picture is just to give you an idea of what a bar with those specs look like.  You can change the rise, pull back, width, etc.. 

What finishes do you offer?
The bars can be shipped out raw steel, powder coated, and show chrome.  We only offer black powder coating in a flat, satin, or gloss finish. 

Can you make bars for my metric or custom motorcycle?
Yes.  The bars on my site can be built for any motorcycle.

Can you recommend a type of bar for me?
I prefer to not recommend a type of bar.  Handle bars are very personal.  They have to be comfortable  and you have to like the design.  I do recommend that you spend some time on my website and look at the many bars I offer. 

Your website lists one price for a handle bar.  How much would it be if I change the specifications?
The prices should remain the same.  I only list the specifications so you can get an idea of what that bar looks like at  those specifications.  Normal adjusting of the measurements should not affect the price listed. Drastic adjustments may increase the price.

How do I measure up my bars so I can give you the right specifications?
If you go to my "Measuring New Bars Up" page, I have step by step instructions and a video. 

I have a pair of bars I want to design and I don't see anything like them on your site.  Can you build them for me?
Please call to discuss this with me. 

DO NOT tear your bike apart before you receive your bars.  We give you a time frame but we do sometimes run into problems. 


  BR answers the most asked ????????? on bars in this video
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